Becoming a physician or being involved in the medical profession seems to be one of the most prestigious positions in the world. It can be a promising career that can garnish a lot of respect and even contribute to the development of a community by providing healthcare to those who require your service.

Unfortunately, the medical profession is slowly diminishing, and medical doctors are becoming an endangered species. Presently the number of physicians in the U.S. is around 954,000. Which means that is “40,000 less than are presently needed, with the deficit rapidly growing as the population grows and more and more medical consumers are added to the rolls of those receiving care.” This can be troubling considering how long it takes to become a physician.

The result of this is that students are not entering Medical schools because there are no financial incentives to do so. According to The Wall Street Journal, Medical-school tuition can cost a student as much as $50,000 a year. If one studies for four years, that’s $200,000 worth of tuition that they will have to pay for! Not to mention if they have undergraduate tuition from previous years. If only there were more cost effective ways to get students to study medicine, some of the pressure of active doctors could be lifted.

Currently there are 134 accredited medical schools in the U.S. today.  However, that does not mean that these schools will be able to keep up with the demand of doctors. Another article from The Wall Street Journal states, “A shortage of primary-care and other physicians could mean more-limited access to health care and longer wait times for patients.” Plus, the residency program where medical graduates train in what field of medicine of their choice is now in disarray.

Even more frightening is that a lot of medical students who have graduated do not even get to practice medicine and  cannot even place in a residency program to further learn their craft. CNN details an account of someone with a medical diploma, but is currently waiting tables. According to the NRMP, last year 971 graduates of U.S. medical schools were shut out, accounting of U.S. grads. Which meant that more than 7,000 doctors were left with a diploma that said “M.D.” but no guarantee they would be able to use it.

We will slowly begin to see less and less physicians available for the general public in the years to come. Within ten years from now, most of the doctors will begin to retire, while the new ones will begin to pick up the slack. I guess it is now time to consider putting M.D.’s on the endangered species list and slowly repopulate them within our society.


Understanding HTML & CSS

I most humbly obliged the many advances that I and others have seen on the web, have more than opened our minds to the infinite possibilities out there than a species can ever imagine. Ideas become words, and words can become a reality on the internet. The internet has not only opened doors for enterprises, but for individuals too!

  As I begin to learn and understand this whole website idea, I’ve realized that there are not only easy ways in setting up personal sites like blogs (ex. WordPress,) but just about anyone can create their own by understanding the formatting codes. I’ve learned this before by using Windows NotePad in some of my computer science courses. When you code by hand, you have to create different sequences of TEXTS by using combinations of tags to literally create website from scratch. A tutorial that slowly explains the basics here.

  As it stands, we are living in a digital age. I see more jobs being exclusively established by the web that caters to many different audiences around the world for a variety of different things. I have seen particularly commerce become affected by the changing tides of the electronic media. Even at a journalistic point of view: For those who are with other media represenations whether it be in T.V., Newspaper or otherwise, can now be found individually on the web at their leisure. I would have to wonder if the web was the missing link in the pursuit of free market economics?

Hello world!

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